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We are proud to be the US home of Colli Furniture, a leading Italian furniture manufacturer located in San Giovanni al Natisone Italy. Colli is recognized for it's metal, wood and leather chairs and office furniture. We work with designers and others to provide Italian seating for college chapels, synagogues, theater projects, corporate offices, hospitality, libraries, restaurants and country clubs. We will work with you to modify our products or work from your seating designs.

These Italian leather chairs and other products are the perfect addition to your next hotel, office, restaurant or other design project. Pieces are made of selected wood that is dried and handcrafted by our artisans. Solid stock is used and is curved, turned and carved by hand with patience and attention to detail.

Walnut, mahogany and feather veneered mahogany - all noble types of wood - alternate with the refined types of lacquer as an interpretation of the forms and lines that belong to the most authentic of Italian furniture traditions. Colli USA uses new technologies in the manufacturing of our prestigious Italian furniture. We embrace new processes that improve quality and value while retaining the skilled craftsmanship which Italian furniture manufacturers are known for.

The Colli philosophy focuses on rigorously elegant styling with close attention to the quality of the product. We provide the finest quality materials and choice of materials, fabrics and workmanship are an essential part. From it's furniture manufacturing HQ in Italy, Colli distributes its own products in over fifty countries around the world.

Our leather Italian chairs are considered some of the best chairs on the market because of the high quality of the various components used in our manufacturing process.

Italian furniture is famous for its attractiveness and often cutting edge design aesthetic. Italian furniture has many of the characteristics of the broader Italian design and fashion worlds. There are long traditions of furniture making in Italy. The main areas of Italy where furniture is manufacturing are the Veneto, the Brianza and the Marche.

Italian Furniture has been known for ages as the leading edge of furniture design. Italian furniture designers are recognized for their skill in balancing classical style with modern appeal.

Italian furniture has been popular since the 1400's - with designs often influenced by classical art. Elements from this time frame include scrolls, shells, any columns type designs.

In recent years Italian furniture designs have favored a more modern look. Smooth, industrial lines, metal and minimalistic designs are typical of Italian furniture design.

Decorating with Italian furniture and accessories can cover a vast assortment of design styles and project types. Consider chairs and tables with a Renaissance, Traditional or Tuscan flair. Furniture manufacturing in Italy is a skilled trade that has been handed down from father to son and from era to era for hundreds of years. Benefit from generations of Italian furniture craftsmanship in your next project.

We are pleased to manufacture and supply the following types of Italian furniture to our clients:

  • Italian Metal Chairs, including stacking chairs
  • Leather Chairs
  • Italian Office Furniture
  • Classic Wood Chairs
  • Modern Wood Chairs
  • Italian leather club and library chairs
  • Dining Chairs (restaurants, dining rooms, private clubs, country clubs)
  • Chairs for hotels and lobby areas
  • Designer Italian chairs
  • Italian table and chair sets